Meet Christine


Christine Mumma is a public service attorney, a former businesswoman, a mom who went to law school when she had three young children, and a political outsider running for Attorney General.

  • Spent nearly a decade in business management and finance before going back to law school
  • Clerked for renowned Conservative Supreme Court Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr.
  • Co-founded the groundbreaking NC Innocence Inquiry Commission
  • Executive Director of the NC Center on Actual Innocence
  • Represented and exonerated 9 innocent men who were wrongly convicted
  • Helped law enforcement find murderers and rapists who had gone free
  • Won the News & Observer’s Tarheel of the Year award, the Defender of Justice Award, Nancy Susan Reynolds Award for Advocacy, Thurgood Marshall Award, Women of Justice Public Service Practitioner Award, and Business Leader Media Pro Bono Impact Award

Christine is one of three candidates seeking the Republican nomination for Attorney General in the upcoming March 3rd primary. She’s the best candidate to take on Josh Stein in the fall. Christine put $250,000 of her own money into the campaign, and after raising an additional $100,000 in the first few weeks of the campaign, she’s off to a strong start.

Statewide campaigns are increasingly expensive, especially with a competitive Democratic presidential primary driving up campaign costs in North Carolina. Christine needs to raise $500,000 to win the March 3rd primary.

Christine is the pro-business, pro-growth, conservative candidate, and the candidate with real-life experience. For more on her background and her positions, visit

Questions & Answers

Position/Philosophy Statement and Common Questions I’ve Been Asked:

The Attorney General's role is to represent the State of North Carolina in the efficient and just defense of the rule of law and the Constitution.

What do you feel are the most important responsibilities of this office?

The term AG has come to mean "aspiring governor" in North Carolina, rather than Attorney General. North Carolinians have had decades of attorneys general who have put their political agendas and aspirations ahead of their commitment to the rule of law and, in some cases, just doing what is right. In the meantime, our legal system has not kept up with the objectives of efficiency, effectiveness, transparency, and accountability that should be the cornerstones of the Department of Justice. As Attorney General, I will ensure the advice to state government departments, agencies, and commissions, as well as the legal opinions issued from the Department of Justice are depoliticized and the culture of the office is focused on being proactive, rather than reactive, to ensure justice for every citizen of North Carolina, regardless of race, gender, or economic status.
Because the position has a history of being used as a stepping stone in political careers, previous office holders have not shown courage in leadership for change. I have a long career that supports my commitment to work for what is right, fair, and in the interest of justice, sometimes in the face of overwhelming obstacles. I am anxious to provide the leadership that has been lacking and is necessary to deliver the full value of the Attorney General's Office to North Carolina.

How will you prioritize these responsibilities if you are elected?

My priorities will include encouraging cooperative stakeholder communications to ensure we utilize the full extent of the expertise from each viewpoint impacted by our justice system. To meet this objective, I will re- establish the Criminal Justice Standards Commission that was established by former Chief Justice I. Beverly Lake, Jr. but has been inactive since he left office in 2006. The Commission will be expanded to address all areas of effectiveness and reliability of criminal and civil justice, with focus areas including business litigation efficiency, cyber security, criminal justice reform, scientific independence of our State Crime Lab, sex trafficking, community safety, the voice of the victim, the Opioid Crisis, mental health treatment instead of punishment, and preservation and testing of biological evidence, including the untested rape kit backlog, which should have been addressed in 2009 when I was part of the effort to pass legislation to preserve all kits. I will also prioritize technological advancement as it relates to all of the aforementioned, and the protection of citizens and businesses from government overreach.

What are your plans to work with the NC Legislature to jointly determine the resources available to you and the legal framework of policies that affect how you carry out your responsibilities?

The Attorney General's office needs to be depoliticized so it can reach across the political aisle and across the courtroom to maximize effectiveness in justice. I will put my experience and success in business, nonprofit management, criminal justice reform, law enforcement education, legal analysis, and continuous process improvement to work immediately so the Attorney General's Office can show its commitment to the responsibility to be effective and efficient in its service of justice. The Attorney General's Office will no longer target issues based on politics, but will focus on the constitutionality of laws, federal versus state jurisdictional questions, protection of businesses and citizens from government overreach, and the issues that impact the safety and prosperity of North Carolina citizens.